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Shampoo Bar

Ok so I have been on the look out for a new shampoo/conditioner and don’t want to pay and arm and leg for it. I looked into those ones you have a subscription with and you pick the color and they personalize the formal, etc, etc, their price isn’t bad I just didn’t really want to go that route.

If you don’t know I live near Walt Disney World and at Disney springs they have a store called The Basin. They are a soap store. Bar soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, sugar scrubs, all that kind of stuff. Well they have shampoo and conditioner bars too.

I decided why not give this a try. Yes it’s good for the environment, no plastic waste, blah blah blah. But does it work on your hair and help it do what you think it should do?

I bought the one that says it’s good for kids and color treated hair. Yes, I have colored my hair but am letting it grow out. Still won’t hurt to use that one. The girl in the store gave me a brief rundown on how to use it and it sounds easy enough.

I tried it on both of the kids hair the other night and it was strange and fun all at the same time. But the true test is when it dries how does your hair look and feel.

Daisy’s hair was easy to brush through and looked the same. Brady wanted some conditioner too (because the bar had a “B” on it) and his hair looks and feels fabulous!

I used it for the first time today and again strange and fun to use a bar of soap in my head!! It lathers so nicely! The conditioner is a little more work. The girl said to brush it through your hair before you rinse it out. Didn’t have a brush in the shower so I did my best with my fingers, rinsed it and then applied conditioner again and it was soft and easy to run my fingers through the second time.

I have not brushed it and it has not dried yet! I have A LOT of hair, long and thick! But so far I like it.

I want to try and use this for about a week, 3-4 washes and give another review on it. So stay tuned for that if you are interested.

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Published by Ashley Rowe

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a wife of almost 10 years and a mom of Irish twins Daisy (3) and Brady (2). I grew up in a small town and after college moved back to marry my Husband, Corey. I am not perfect at anything I do and will be the first to tell you I struggle with balancing life on the daily. Cooking and Baking are were I feel like I shine, but I enjoy learning and trying all the things.

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