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Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails

Proverbs 19:21

Are you stuck in a recipe rut?

I get there sometimes too. On top of our two littles not eating what we fix! This month I am working on compiling recipes to share and to start a menu plan one a week so you can cook along with me. These recipes I hope will be something all of you and your children will eat.

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What would you like for Dinner?

I feel like I am constantly asking this question or for Breakfast or lunch or a snack!! Yesterday was one of those days were I couldn’t think of anything to make and then crunch time hit and all of our meat was frozen! Egg Sandwiches with an apple and veggie straws for the win! I…


Today is New Years Eve! First of all where has the year gone and second what day is it?!? Did we celebrate Christmas? I’ve heard fire works all week is it 2022? If you were feeling Dazed and confused this past week you have not been there alone! I think this week has been harder…

Rotisserie Chicken

As an adult I have learned to love a good rotisserie chicken. I kinda find it my super power to get all the meat off the bone. Over the last couple of years I’ve figured out the best place to buy and the easiest way to store a rotisserie chicken. Did I mention it is…

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This is a blog to inspire you through everyday life. Sharing with you how I manage my life and struggles as a wife, mom, and person.

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