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What would you like for Dinner?

I feel like I am constantly asking this question or for Breakfast or lunch or a snack!! Yesterday was one of those days were I couldn’t think of anything to make and then crunch time hit and all of our meat was frozen! Egg Sandwiches with an apple and veggie straws for the win! IContinue reading “What would you like for Dinner?”


Rotisserie Chicken

As an adult I have learned to love a good rotisserie chicken. I kinda find it my super power to get all the meat off the bone. Over the last couple of years I’ve figured out the best place to buy and the easiest way to store a rotisserie chicken. Did I mention it isContinue reading “Rotisserie Chicken”

Dinner With Santa

At SeaWorld Tonight the family went and had Dinner with Santa! The kids were super excited to see Santa and Daddy and I were super excited for the food! LOL If you don’t know we are currently annual pass holders at SeaWorld. The kids are loving going with family and friends; riding rides, seeing shows,Continue reading “Dinner With Santa”