Banana Pudding

Everyone has one or two desserts that they crave and will always make or order when out to eat. Can you guess what one of mine is? Yup Banana Pudding! Growing up I loved helping my mom make it. Of course we used the pudding mix in a box because it was quick and easyContinue reading “Banana Pudding”


You have to try the recipe or take my word for it. Unless there is a natural disaster I will never again buy pancake mix!

Dessert for Breakfast

If you like banana bread you need to try this recipe. This is now our favorite. Check It out make it and leave a comment

Snack Time

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins Our 3 year old, Daisy, started Preschool 3 days a week. The program is only a half day but they have snack time. The school has suggested certain items to not be brought in because the kids are hungry soon after eating them. On top of this request aContinue reading “Snack Time”

Join the Club ch. 3

My floors are no where clean enough to eat off of but I do try. Check out how I try to keep up with clean floors.

Join the Club Ch. 2

Do you do your dishes every night? Here are some methods to help inspire you to get them done at the end of everyday.

Join the Club

Are you overwhelmed with laundry? Join the club. Learn how I took my mounds of laundry and turned it into a smile pile.

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