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What would you like for Dinner?

I feel like I am constantly asking this question or for Breakfast or lunch or a snack!! Yesterday was one of those days were I couldn’t think of anything to make and then crunch time hit and all of our meat was frozen! Egg Sandwiches with an apple and veggie straws for the win! IContinue reading “What would you like for Dinner?”

Cobb Salad

Serves 1 2 cups Lettuce (Romain, spinach, and or spring mix) 1/2 cup Chicken 2-3 grape tomatoes 1-2 slices cooked bacon 1 hard boiled egg shredded carrots sliced cucumber 1-2 Tbsp Blue cheese or Feta cheese Sliced avocado Ranch dressing Cook chicken and bacon, boil egg, and prepare the vegetables. Fill a large salad bowlContinue reading “Cobb Salad”