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Getting Back on Track with 75 Hard

This week I have been struggling! Last week I had a bad head cold and after 7 going on 8 days I failed 75 hard! We had a busy weekend out at SeaWorld and Aquatica and yes I could have made it work to get going again, but I decided not to stress myself out. So Monday came along. I jumped 2 feet in and before I could get my second work out in I received a phone call that my Uncle had suddenly passed away.

I spent the rest of the day lost and crying. I never did my second workout and I over ate at dinner. I also maybe had dessert too! At the point of writing this 2 days later I truly don’t remember because I have not paid attention to what I’ve been eating, it looks good, sounds good, I ate it.

I saw an Instagram post (the night of writing this section) from Emily Frisella and it hit home. It brought me to tears because I know I am better than the lazy, laissez-faire attitude/behavior I’ve been having. Yes, it’s driven by grief and depression but if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that I am letting my Bitch voice take over! (If you Know you Know) Yes I need to take time to grieve but, not caring about what I am eating is not acceptable for me or the example I want to show my family. Emily talked about consistency and I am not creating or using GOOD consistent habits. Her story began with side by side pictures of her 17 years apart and the good habits she developed to feel 10000% better. 1. Drink lots of water 2. Move your body 3. Quit eating like shit all the time. She then goes on to say that once you are consistent with those good habits and you realize how good your body feels you will want to stay on the right path. You will fell better when you do the work, KEEP THE PROMISES TO YOURSELF, and see progress everyday by moving forward. Stay the course, its worth it. (Of course I am paraphrasing a lot, but if you scroll down you can see her actual post.)

If I don’t wake up and pay attention I am going to be digging myself out of a deeper hole than I am already in.

I have goals to hit by December 1st this year and eating my feelings and not moving my body is not going to get me there.

A week later and after things took a harder turn and we almost lost 2 more family members to broken hearts, we are finally seeing recovery and I am seeing things with a better perspective. I see that it is ok to grieve and take time for me to gather my thoughts, then pick up and get started again! Today (the day I wrote this part) is Day 1 of 75 Hard and I am proud to say that it’s been a stressful but good day!

My Goal is to check in once a week with how my 75 hard journey is going, what food I’m eating, how I’m feeling, what book I’m reading, and keep myself accountable.

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Also, be sure to check out Emily Frisella on Instagram. She posts about her dogs, how she cuts her t-shirts to look amazing on her hard earned smoking hot body, and truths to help motivate you like the one I shared in this post.

Love, Ashley

Click below to see Emily on Instagram.


Published by Ashley Rowe

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a wife of almost 10 years and a mom of Irish twins Daisy (3) and Brady (2). I grew up in a small town and after college moved back to marry my Husband, Corey. I am not perfect at anything I do and will be the first to tell you I struggle with balancing life on the daily. Cooking and Baking are were I feel like I shine, but I enjoy learning and trying all the things.

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