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Hello Again

Hello All. It has been a while and I wanted to check in before I started posting again. It has been almost a year since I have really sat down and created content for my page. I feel like a lot has happened in that time on a personal level and I am excited to get back to sharing ideas and recipes here again.

We took a vacation at the end of October, the Holiday season came and went, and then Birthday season started, the end of the school year, summer camp, and the school started. Wow was it a whirlwind. Obviously thats just the highlight real, there are so many other details in there but I am sure you get the gist, life is crazy sometimes and seasons run into/ through one another.

My hope and plan is to start posting every week again starting in October. I would like to do a monthly menu plan to help others who might be struggling, like me. Most people don’t know this but I struggle so much with this! It is to the point that if I can’t figure something out we end up eating out for a month! Not really, but super close. I have tried to find a groove with a weekly menu and have learned a few things about each of us. We have a couple weekly staples that if I do not cook them at home we will end up ordering/going out. I even learned to start our big green egg so that I can grill and not have to rely on Corey to get it started.

I would also like to share meal prep, what I eat in a day for Macro counting, and my 75 Hard journey that I have been on for almost a year. When Andy said his program is life changing he isn’t kidding! If you know you know!!

We have passes to Sea World and Aquatica and I will be sharing some of our experiences with our frequent visits there and the different things you can do with and with out children.

I have so many ideas of what I would like to write about and share, I could go on and on, but I will do my best to update and share more once I get it all laid out. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to share more of my purpose as the year gets closer to my FAVORITE but most also most hated time of the year. Don’t worry I will explain this at a later time.

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Happy October and thanks for reading.


Published by Ashley Rowe

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a wife of almost 10 years and a mom of Irish twins Daisy (3) and Brady (2). I grew up in a small town and after college moved back to marry my Husband, Corey. I am not perfect at anything I do and will be the first to tell you I struggle with balancing life on the daily. Cooking and Baking are were I feel like I shine, but I enjoy learning and trying all the things.

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